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Healthy snacks and ideas to help you through the holidays!

Does your food bill rocket during the school holidays? Are they always rummaging through the cupboard and fridge?

We’ve put together a list of foodie folk and their websites or social pages so you can check out some fab ideas they’ve had to help with the holiday snack situation!

1. Sarah at Taming Twins. She shares some great snack ideas and hacks and also produces a family meal plan every week such as 5 meals under £30 from Aldi and gives you the shopping list and recipes for each meal. Find her on www.Instagram.com/TamingTwins

2. Clara at My Fussy Eater. Lots of ideas for family recipes and holiday snacks, including things like Banana Pops. Yum. Find her on www.Instagram.com/myfussyeater

3. Grace at EatsAmazing. This food blog is full of super fun children’s snacks all made to look incredible! You’ll need a supply of googly eyes though! Well worth a look at www.eatsamazing.co.uk

4. Mandy at Sneaky Veg Blog. This is a blog on vegan food and specialises in helping to get hidden veg into recipes that your children won’t notice. Take a look at www.Instagram.com/sneakyvegblog

5. An old faithful but BBC Good Food are great at delivering recipes with a theme and their website has a whole section on child friendly snack ideas. You can find it here https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/snacks-kids-recipes/amp

Hope that helps you get through the next few weeks!

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