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Sunscreen - All you need to know to get set for summer!

We know it can feel like a real chore applying sunscreen every day during the summer, plus there’s the fact it sometimes stains clothes too, and that it takes a while to soak in….. We get it.

However, as you will be very aware, it’s crucial when it comes to protecting your children’s skin from the harsh sun during the summer months, even in the UK!

We want to start with some quick jargon-busting:

UVA – Longwave ultra-violet rays – these burn deep into the skin's thickest layer.

UVB – Short wave ultra-violet rays – these burn the superficial layers of skin.

SPF – Sun Protection Factor

The SPF number on sun cream measures how many harmful ultraviolet rays it absorbs or reflects away from your skin.

Some people mistakenly believe they can’t get sunburnt if they are wearing high protection, or that they can stay in the sun longer without reapplying, this is not the case, and this myth can often lull you into a false sense of security that means you are a bit more relaxed about reapplying or the length of time you spend in the sun.

The NHS recommend using an SPF of 30 or more on children, and to stay in the shade between around 11am and 3pm when the sun is strongest. The application should be repeated every two hours, as well as when you come out of the water, even if the sunscreen says it is water-resistant.

Another top tip is to wear sunglasses and a hat and cover-up in swim vests when in the water, as extra protection.

If you do end up having to deal with some sore, burnt skin then we recommend sponging gently with some cool water and applying some after sun or aloe vera gel.

When it comes to sun protection it is best to be over cautious! We advise applying sunscreen before your child comes to nursery and making sure they have a named sunhat with them too.

Our back garden is mostly shaded by mature, leafy trees so the children can enjoy outdoor play in the sunshine!

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