• Sue

Time to get in the garden?

Be honest, have you inwardly groaned when school or nursery have sent home a seed in a

pot and you’re tasked with growing the tallest sunflower over the coming months?

We knew it!

Nurturing a seed and watching it grow is a great activity for children to help them learn

about the world around them and how it changes depending on the impact of external


There are also other benefits of simple gardening that you may not have thought about:

It teaches patience.

In a world where we’re all guilty of wanting things now, (think Amazon Prime delivery!),

gardening shows us that instant gratification just isn’t possible.

It’s a great sensory activity.

Most children love messy play, and this takes it right back to basics. However, it’s not just

about touch, gardening also draws on our sense of smell and in some circumstances, taste


It teaches us about responsibility.

If we don’t tend, care for, and nurture our plants then they just won’t grow as well as they

could. (if only the same could be said for the pesky weeds!)

It *might* just make them eat their greens.

Ok, so there are no promises! But you never know.

So, the next time the seed in a yogurt pot comes home, think of all the things that little

seed is going to teach your little one, and embrace the joy of watching something magical

happen, together.

Happy Kids, May 2022

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